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Welcome to The Jungle Nursery INC

Creating Inspiration For The Coming Wave Of Plant Enthusiasts.

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Our Mission Statement:

We believe living plants enhance our lives by encouraging us to connect to nature. We want to help others catch plant-fever by providing unique varieties, introducing presentations that create inspiration and interest, and ultimately helping others to achieve success in growing plants themselves.

The Highest Quality, the Best Selection

The Jungle Nursery offers an extensive selection of exterior color plants and interior foliage, as well as specialty items. All plants are guaranteed pets-free and grow in the highest quality soil.

Select Tropical Color Items

Offering a distinctive group of the finest in colorful and fragrant spring bloomers.

Your One Source For Cold-tolerant Palms,
Outdoor Ornamentals and Interior Foliage.

The Jungle Nursery is a 25-acre wholesale production nursery located in Miami, Florida. Although small in size, our inventory is anything but. We offer a thriving line of interior foliage, spring color, landscape plants, palms and cycads, with exceptional customer service to match.

Did the plant material arrive safely? What material is selling best for you? How can we help you next year? The Jungle Nursery is all about relationships, ensuring you’re satisfied every step of the way — from the initial selection to logistics and after delivery.