Setting the Standard in Cold-tolerant Palms, Outdoor Ornamentals and Interior Foliage.

Vibrant color. Rigorous standards. Exceptional care. The Jungle Nursery sets the standard in cold-tolerant palms and outdoor ornamentals.

A "one-stop-shop" for spring and holiday color, interior foliage and specialty items such as Japanese Blueberry and unique varieties of Eugenia, the Jungle Nursery supplies garden centers and re-wholesalers with the highest quality, pest-free, plants on the market today.

We take great pride in our nursery and promise singular care to all we serve - and it shows in our long-standing relationships with clients throughout the U.S.

Mandevilla Red & Pink trellises, Ixora Maui Red & Yellow in full bloom, Oleander Calypso & Hardy Red exploding with color, 9 fantastic colors of Hibiscus, & Dwarf Glory Flower (Tibouchina lepidota) introducing itself to our Spring Color palette.